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Building a new transmission line on a populated island poses unique challenges, and there are no route segments that completely avoid community impacts. PSE is committed to engaging the community to better understand and address those challenges. Thank you for sharing your feedback!

Please provide a contact email and your nearest street intersection.
Which three of the following are of greatest importance to you to avoid or minimize impacts to when routing the new transmission line?
The list of factors below is directly related to the project’s routing criteria. PSE will use this feedback to better understand the community’s priorities —this is important because routing power lines often requires PSE to decide on tradeoffs between different elements and impacts. PSE is not asking for feedback on project elements that are necessary for operational safety, constructability, or are required by regulatory agencies—these are assumed requirements.

What opportunities might exist or emerge for the transmission line location?

PSE is proposing this project as an overhead transmission line, and we are asking for your feedback with that in mind.

Which route segments would be acceptable and consistent with your priorities? Why?
Please select at least one segment.

Eliminated Segments
There are a group of route segments shown as gray dashed lines in the Segment Explorer that are not currently under consideration. They were removed from consideration because they would require segment 44 (Eagle Harbor/ Bucklin Hill) to reach Winslow Substation. Segment 44 is not currently being considered because it does not meet PSE’s system reliability objectives. The existing Winslow Tap runs along Eagle Harbor Drive and Bucklin Hill Road and placing another transmission along segment 44 would require two overhead transmission lines in close proximity or on the same transmission poles.
Eliminated segments could be added as segments if the portion of the Winslow Tap along segment 44 were to be used for the new loop line and this portion of the Winslow Tap relocated to an alternative route in addition to building the “missing link” transmission line between Murden Cove and Winslow substation.
In this scenario, which eliminated segments would be consistent with your priorities? Why?

Do you have any other feedback for PSE to consider when routing this transmission line?
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Thank you for your feedback.

Thank you for your interest in the Murden Cove to Winslow “missing link” transmission line project.

We look forward to receiving your input and continuing to engage with you throughout this study.

Thank you for your Feedback.

Thanks for taking the time to use the interactive Segment Explorer tool. You can submit public comments about the project at any time by emailing info@psebainbridge.com or calling 1-888-878-8632.

We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on the work PSE is doing to improve reliability on Bainbridge Island.

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